Watch Mariah Carey Give Bryan Tanaka a Surprise Lap Dance

Watch Mariah Carey Give Bryan Tanaka a Surprise Lap Dance

With just one episode to go, it’s the beginning of the end for Mariah’s World, and the diva’s eight-part E! docu-series is going out on a high note.

And that’s “high” as in… Mariah Carey eats a weed brownie?! This rollercoaster of an episode featured Mimi celebrating more birthdays, contending with ex-fiance James Packer’s “busy schedule,” consoling dancer-turned-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka and his injured knee with a provocative lap dance and putting her GLAAD Ally Award to work by staging a homoerotic sex prank.

Here are seven moments we ate up from “Got Me Feeling Emotions,” the all-new (drug) trip to Mariah Land.

1. James Packer Gives Mariah a Stomach Ache

During the last episode of Mariah’s World, the singer’s ex-fiancé, James Packer, paid Mariah a visit, but couldn’t stay long. Mariah admits that she feels “bad because I didn’t get to spend quality time with him.” She seems unsure of the wedding at this point — after the show was shot, the ceremony and the relationship were called off completely — and just wants to share a bit more TLC. “I just wish I had more time to give him — like more quality time — but I really don’t have that right now,” she concedes.

During a confessional, as the lingerie wearer treats us to that famous corset once again, she elaborates: “James has so many responsibilities. It’s not really easy for us to spend time together. I feel like life is really about balance, and I’ve never been a good juggler.”

Also, she regrettably notes, “It’s making my stomach hurt to think about it.”

2. Mariah Is a “One and Done” Diva

This week’s Mariah’s World opened the way every episode of Mariah’s World should have: with Mimi donning a glistening crown. The occasion was a photoshoot for Clash magazine, but it might as well just have been another day in the Queen’s Kingdom. “I’m not doing two outfits — this is one and done,” she dictated.

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