‘The Martian’ Is A Good Story, Told Very Well

‘The Martian’ Is A Good Story, Told Very Well

Matt Damon is known for many things. Chief among them is that he generally makes movies with a left-wing parable about one thing or another. His latest film, “The Martian,” is quite refreshing in that it in no way, shape or form appears to be pushing any sort of ideological agenda.

It is simply a good story told very well.

Directed by science fiction movie legend Ridley Scott – best known for the original “Alien” film and its prequel “Prometheus” – “The Martian” tells the story of one of humanity’s earliest manned missions to Mars, and the perils that will always be inherent in space exploration.

Ares III, the third mission to the red planet, is forced to cut short their mission and abandon the planet when a storm hits much more severely than they were expecting to. During the storm, team botonist Mark Watney is struck by debris and thought to have been killed. With a search mission out of the question, the team commander gives the order to evacuate, leaving Watney behind. Watney, however, is still very much alive.

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