Steve Martin and Edie Brickell discuss terrific new album, So Familiar

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell discuss

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell released their second album, So Familiar, last week, and as their first collection, Love Has Come For You, displayed in 2013, the mixture of Martin’s excellent banjo plucking and Brickell’s excellent writing and singing is, well, excellent.

While on tour for that collection, they began writing Bright Star, a musical based on characters from their first album — its Broadway debut is set for March 2016 — and much of what makes up So Familiar is pulled directly from the play. The rest is heavily inspired by the sound and feel. EW caught up with the two heavyweights to discuss writing, playing, and what makes their partnership so inspired.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Sonically, this album feels much fuller that Love Has Come For You. Can you tell me about the new sound?

Steve Martin: When Edie and I did our first album, we were very concerned — we loved our own demos so much and they was just she and I. We were trying to preserve that quality, which I think [producer] Peter Asher did. [For] the second album, we all agreed that we could now go a wider direction than the first album. And then Peter is really responsible for that that direction was.

Since you two have teamed up, you seem to have been working with no break. What about this partnership works for well?

Martin: I think it’s something that’s in both of us, and that’s emotion and professionalism. You need the song to develop professionally and in the best way, but also retaining the emotive quality that, especially musical songs, need. So I think we’re all business and we’re all art, at the same time.


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