Socality Barbie mocks Instagram hipsters

Socality Barbie mocks Instagram hipsters

Creeping the fabulous lives of other people on Instagram is a great way to ruin your mood, according to science.

Yet despite a growing body of well-publicized research to this effect, many of us still spend time looking at social media feeds that make us feel sad, inadequate, ugly or like we’re otherwise “missing out.”

Socality Barbie epitomizes the type of people behind these perfectly curated online presences — the celebrities, socialites and trust fund babies whose Instagram accounts suggest they do little other than buy beautiful clothes and hang out with their squads at the lake.

She was designed, in fact, to do just that.

Vogue reports that an anonymous Portland-based wedding photographer created the @SocalityBarbie Instagram account to poke fun “at all those insufferable people on your feed who can’t help but post a highly stylized shot of their artfully foamed cappuccino.”

While the account has been active since June, only about 7,000 people were following it on Thursday when WIRED featured the #blessed brunette in a story.

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