Prep for Kristen Wiig’s return to ‘Saturday Night Live’


Create a calendar alert, or set your DVR if your weekend activities include more than Netflix and chill. Kristen Wiig will return to Saturday Night Live as host on Nov. 19 with musical guest The xx.

During her run on the show from 2005 until 2012, Wiig delivered many hilarious and unforgettable characters. Here are a few of our favorite sketches.

1. The Sound of Music Live!

Yes, NBC’s actual live Sound of Music production had Carrie Underwood, but SNL’s parody had Wiig as Dooneese attempting to block Captain von Trapp’s whistle with her tiny hands. See her hysterical duet with Fräulein Kate McKinnon in the clip above.

2. Sue: Birthday Party Surprise

Sue can’t even when her grandpappy (Christopher Walken) enlists her to help with a surprise party. Somebody get her some “solid food” or a ball of cheese before she passes out.

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