New ‘American Horror Story’ Promo Supports A Crazy…

New 'American Horror Story' Promo Supports A Crazy

Exclusive video may finally answer our questions.

If you’re like us, the “American Horror Story” teasers are probably keeping you up at night ― not just because they’re creepy, but because you can’t figure out which one is correct. (But mostly because they’re creepy.)

After the recent revelation that only one of the teasers depicts the upcoming Season 6 theme, fans have been racking their brains to try to figure it out. Now, thanks to an elaborate fan theory and a new promo exclusive to The Huffington Post, the answer may finally be revealed.

The promo shows each season’s theme connecting to the next. It then shows all the previously released Season 6 teasers ― back to back to back. It’s cool. It’s weird. And it may be the key to cracking which “AHS” teaser is actually legit.

The promo stresses how the show is linked together. This is also a key element in an elaborately detailed fan theory attempting to prove which teaser is right.

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