Leah Remini Agrees Tom Cruise Could ‘Single-Handedly’ End Scientology

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Leah Remini agreed with Bill Maher on his Friday, February 17, show that Tom Cruise could “single-handedly” end Scientology.

The 46-year-old King of Queens alum told Maher, 61, about some of the strict practices that followers of the controversial religion allegedly have to abide by, including hours-long study sessions that Remini likened to “self-brainwashing.”

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“I didn’t realize that because we were required to study two-and-a-half hours daily, like, minimum,” she claimed. “We are looking up the words, we are being checked out on the policies of Scientology.”

At this, the Real Time host interjected, “You’re telling me Tom Cruise does this?”

“Yes,” Remini responded. “Not only does Tom Cruise do exactly that … Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that he’s not, that certain policies are not being bent for him because they are and that is the truth, and that is part of the hypocrisy.”

When Maher suggested that Cruise, 54, could possibly put an end to the religion, Remini agreed. “He could end this,” she said, adding that his celebrity within the church holds a lot of weight.

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