Amy Schumer Bares Her Soul In ‘The Lower Back Tattoo’

Amy Schumer Bares Her Soul

Amy Schumer is tired of answering a question journalists ask her all the time: Is this a good moment for women in Hollywood?

“It is an amazing moment for every woman,” she tells NPR’s David Greene, “if you have ovaries, and you’re in the 90210 ZIP code.”

One reason Schumer hates that question — she’s a New Yorker. The other? She thinks women generally have it tough all the time. And speaking up — about sex, gender stereotypes, crazy unrealistic expectations for women and apperance — is a signature of her comedy.

Amy Schumer was already a comedy star the last time she spoke to NPR a few years ago. Then, last year, Trainwreck — the movie she wrote and starred in, somewhat inspired by her own life — was a hit. And she got really famous.

Now, she’s written a memoir, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo (and yes, she has one).

Like her comedy, the book’s revealing. She shares excerpts from her personal diaries going back to her pre-teen years, complete with footnotes from present-day Amy (young Amy dreamt of living in New York and making money acting and bartending, all of which she’s done).

Schumer says she always knew she was funny. “I only remember loving making people laugh. And making myself laugh.”

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